It’s a privilege being the the ‘official’ wedding photographer. Not only do you get front row seats for the entire day, but you also get to share the events and dramas with the couple, as the day unfolds.

As a photographer this is both incredibly exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking. The majority of my pictures are candids, which means they are not set-up in advance, or staged in any way. This give the pictures a relaxed look, where all the emotions are real and the action a true representation of the day. Even my posed pictures are decided on the fly as the light and location changes, so as not to encroach to much on the couple’s time.

What’s the point of a whole load of snaps that don’t look like your wedding, so don’t remind you of it? Candids tell a much better story.

The tricky bit, of course, is grabbing the moment as it happens, because there are no retakes with this style of photography and no second chances. Once the moment has passed, that’s it! So success relies on the ability to preempt the action, and being in the right place with the right camera set-up.   Oh yeah, and taking a whole lot of pictures. I didn’t say it was easy. Here are some of my favourite snaps.

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