ben-posing-with-cameraHi! I’m Ben Turner, a creative photographer based in Devon, England.

Oddly, I’m not trying to sell you anything!

I do this for fun as I just love taking pictures. But, if you want to get me involved in a project, or fancy one of my pics on your wall, then please get in touch.

I cut my teeth working on two of the UK’s leading photographic magazines as a photographer for over eight years, as Photoshop expert and technical writer. I’ve had many images published, and some have even appeared on magazine covers and DVD boxes – a fact I am very proud of. I have also written (and continue to write) numerous camera tutorials, Photoshop techniques and some reviews too, all for aspiring photographers. Without wanting to sound boastful, it’s fair to say I know my way around a camera.

My favourite subjects are portraiture, landscapes and nature, and you can see a selection of my work in the galleries. A background in journalism has encouraged me to become well rehearsed in many other areas too, such as weddings, architecture and product photography. I like to analyse other photographer’s photos to, so I can mimic their style, then put my own stamp on it. This comes in very handy when very specific images are needed.

My philosophy on photography

For me, photography is not just a matter of pointing the camera in the right direction and capturing all of the detail. I’m passionate about my pictures, and I pride myself on being creative as well as technical. I’m always on the look out for photos that are interesting, atmospheric and provoke a reaction. I have plenty of camera tricks and software techniques up my sleeve that I can use to bring even the most mundane scene to life. Whether it’s the perfect sunny day or terribly overcast, there’s always a good picture to be had – it’s just a matter of finding it. As far as digital manipulation goes, I always strive for perfection at the capture stage. However, if software such as Photoshop will help deliver better results, then I’ll use it. It’s the quality of the final picture that counts in my book.

Well that’s it from me for now, I hope you like my pictures. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see, as it really is a small selection of my work. If you’d like to find out more, or just want to chat photography, drop me an email.


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