Pictures that cannot be easily defined in any traditional photography category that I know of. Projects, collections, locations and individual fascinating items. Some are funny, some tell a story other are just vibrant. I guess this is my most creative side to my photography.

Oddments & others - A bin full of pictures I have yet to find a home for. Have a rummage and let me know if you find anything you like.  
Leaves project - Another rainy-day Autumn project to create some simple, eye catching wall art for a friend’s new living room. A Few hours well spent!  
Kuala Lumpur market - This wet market blew my mind. I’m still not sure what the ‘wet’ bit means, but I wont forget it in a hurry, or the wholesome aroma. Squirming headless frogs anyone? No, not the scissors!… :-S
Kenya 2004 - The thought of being able to walk 10 minutes and get, stomped, skewered or munched to death by all manor of wild beasts is a sobering one. Its hard to convince yourself the animals are wild, especially while hiding behind a camera. It’s like a zoo, but the enclosure is much bigger and all the animals […]
Joiners - Why take one photo for a photo, when you can take a hundred. Because it takes up loads of space and takes ages to stitch? Looks cool though, right? Arhg! Computer crashed again. How many RAMs can I jam in this thing?
Cupboard challenge - Can I make art from the random items in my cupboards, including out-of-date eggs? Yes. Rainy-day boredom eliminated.
Austraila 2004 - My personal experience of two-weeks on the rock down-under. Here’s a handful of the best.  
Pinhole camera - Fascinated by the technically simplistic, I developed my own D-SLR effect to mimic the arty style of a pin-hole camera. Although the result was not entirely authentic, but the blurry edges and gently forms look great as as set. Now I’ve just got to remember how I did it!  
Appleby Horse Fair - A riot with Horses. This historic fair was quite an eye opener, to say the least.
Ailsworth & Castor - Self-limmited to just one lens and two hours, I set about documenting my old neighbourhood, Ailsworth & Castor near Peterborough. No time to think, and little time to edit. The result of the collection is an honest snap shot in time, and a liberated photograher.

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