Pictures what I done for you to butchers-hook at and other such colloquialisms that, you ‘the public’, will relate.

Studies - Pictures that cannot be easily defined in any traditional photography category that I know of. Projects, collections, locations and individual fascinating items. Some are funny, some tell a story other are just vibrant. I guess this is my most creative side to my photography.
Flora & Fauna - Critters and natural studies.  Spontaneous and searched. Here’s an infinitely small snippet of sort of pictures I take when I’m out enjoying life. Flora Fauna
People - Ugly mugs and beautiful… say ‘Boobies!’
Landscapes - I don’t do mornings, but when I do I like to think I make the most of it by standing around (in often bizare locations) with freezing hands, waiting for the perfect light. On my less motivated days,  sleep-deprevation-wise that is, a sunrise or a bit of unusual weather makes me reach for the camera […]
Weddings - It’s a privilege being the the ‘official’ wedding photographer. Not only do you get front row seats for the entire day, but you also get to share the events and dramas with the couple, as the day unfolds. As a photographer this is both incredibly exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking. The majority of my pictures are candids, […]

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