Champion of Brizzle 19 Sep, 15 - Roll up! Roll up! Come one come all, to witness the might of contender 25251, AKA Emily the Ultimate edition. Marvel at her incredible charity running capabilities at the one and only Bristol Half Marathon 2015. Be amazed as she smashes 4398th position (up 16602 places since last year) in a camouflaged fluorescent green vest! Time: 02:03:12. Position: […]
Skummer Holiday 8 Nov '14 - And the Lord Sweet Baby Jee, said upon to the world. Let ye Rigby’s have a vacation, in the  mid-year months. And the Lord Sweet Little Baby Jee of Bethlehem, blessed all Rigby-kind with a Holiday break of  proportions, that only he – the Tiny Lord Sweet Baby Son-of-the-Master-of-the-Universe “Jesus Christ!” baby Jee – could […]
Wedding weave 1 Jun '14 - Mothers first steps into weaving some custom wedding dress fabric. That is all.
Really bad wind 6 Apr '14 - It’s true what they say, it really is grim up South West. Always looking for a positive though, it must be said that the recent global warming enriched environmental catastrophy did make for a rather exciting railway-destroying,  landslide-enducing, precarious stroll along the cliffs of Devon and Cornwall. It was a very jolly time indeed and I’m […]
Lyme Regis Lemons 18 Mar '14 - A seaside excision with my most favourite Big Sis & Little Lucy in the whole wide Southern England. The happy yellow face in the sky was a bit peculiar, but the food was great. Probably the hottest March on record, or at least the hottest March 16th in a 100-years… possibly…
Home insignificant home 2 Mar '14 - A bit of long-exposure (image-stacking) fun, while warming up my cottage pie. We get some pretty clear skies on the top of our hill! Next time I need to make an effort and find some proper subject matter, not my front door. I would have had Shepards pie, but Morrisons doesn’t seem to stock lamb […]
Daaaan the docks 21 Jan '14 - With a spare hour in the hood of Southampton, we chanced an outing in Eling (about 5 miles out). Soon we’re ambling along the stony estuary shoreline at sunset, with truly epic views over the docklands.  Deep industrial noises echo across  the flat alien landscape. Piercing industrial structures pepper the foreground while gigantic robots carry and stack boxes across the horizon. Oh, […]
Green’s 80th 12 Dec '13 - Champion of the Water, David Green, celebrates his 80th Birthday with a paddle at Exeter Canoe Club, followed by cakes and speeches. No marks for originality there, I’m afraid Grandpa. …and the family would like to sing… Eek!  
Jurassic Centre Parcs 8 Dec '13 - Greasy chin and sweets galore, at the UKs only Centre Parcs in Longleet. It would have been perfect if only we’d thought to ghosty our bikes into a ditch on the last day like everyone else.
Ramsey Pam’s BBQ 26 Nov '13 - Sticky ribs and sausages, beware ya’ll. It’s feeding time in Ramsey. Witness the largest frenzy of Bagnalls ever caught on camera, in an event that can only be described as ‘Auntie Pam’s Birthday’.
Fowey Invalids 12 Nov '13 - When the going gets tough, the tough gets going… and leaves us behind. Simply because, we’re not nearly tough enough,  nor empowered by ‘going’,  compared to our mighty rugged peers. In such occasions, we’re left  with but one alternative. To make a video of our feeble efforts to walk a couple of miles. Colds! Yeah […]
Melvyn Impossible 11 Nov '13 - Our mission, set by High Commander Bagnall, which we chose to accept…. Prime directive, to identify and complete reconnaissance of potential fishing targets. Specifically, to investigate location west of Zeal, name unknown. Also to investigate potential location north of Zeal, known to be the headquarters of the hardened Zeal Monachorum Fishing Syndicate. Objectives: fish varieties; size […]
Wells-next-(to)-the-Sea 31 Oct '13 - A day right next to the sea, at Wells-Next-The-Sea. In a world before babies, when place names sounded like bad Satnav instructions.
Why isn’t milk green? 25 Oct '13 - I had a striking realisation yesterday, that Cream is in fact made out of grass. Possibly a bit of grain in there too, but mostly grass. It’s amazing how fatty innocent looking vegetation is nowadays. How many average lawns of grass to you need to cut and wring out to fill a 150ml pot of […]
Rigby Special 22 Oct '13 - Right there was this one time when I totally went on expeditions with this total bunch of Rigbys. My favourite Rigby was Theo Rigby, but we don’t talk much any more because he smells like Trainer poo.
Trevone, Cornwall 22 Oct '13 - Two shot shoots at a conveniently located beach near Padstow. Not quite sure where the colour came from in the last few pictures, but it’s a welcome surprise.
SiSter Handwoven 22 Oct '13 - Just a tiny selection of pretty handwoven fabrics what my mummy made of here giant looms.
North Devon 22 Oct '13 - A mini adventure in North Devon with Bones. Mostly flowers, some landscapes and plenty of idiocy.
Fingle Bridge with Raymond 21 Oct '13 - Fingle Bridge with Kate Rae Elizibeth Suzan Bagnall.
Exmouth posing 21 Oct '13 - Posing around on the atmospheric, out-of-season, promenade, in Exmouth. Much hilarity and bleakness ensued.
Brixham & Exmouth 21 Oct '13 - Just a few highlights from a sunny weekend in Devon.
Cornish Birthday ’13 12 Aug '13 - Birthday joy in England’s most Westerly parts. Much fun was had with an ND and tripod. Other fun activities include eating and jumping.
Old Site 12 Aug '13 - Just in case you want to dig for older stuff, here the link to the old site.      

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